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Importance of Existing Customers

78% sales leaders agreed
that their relationships are falling short

a) Reconnect stat 1.1 sales & Exp

Retargeting and reconnecting with existing customers/clients is a must. As it stands now, clients are changing, and sales reps are only hitting their numbers about 53% of the time. A trend over the last five years, even before the extreme circumstances of Covid-19. 
But clients are consumers first, and their experiences have taught them to expect a higher level of personalization, transparency, and immediate fulfillment.
We have taught them to look elsewhere for solving business problems. Our goal is to stress the importance of SBPs and to build on every company’s bottom line.

When a company partners with another business, especially one that solves a different set of problems than the original, buyers will not shop around for solutions.

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Your company becomes a one-stop shop for products and solutions. As it is now, clients typically view Vendor Salespeople as a point of contact at the beginning of a sale, and only 23% would use them as a resource to solve a problem.

If the company has a Strategic Business Partner with different talents, the clients will rely on you, your sales staff, and your partners to conduct business and solve problems.

A full 43% of clients will refer to your company if the partnership is with a subject matter expert in the industry. 

65% of clients found value in discussing their situations

with sales reps.

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Reinforcing Relationships

98% of leads
entering our database are not sales ready.

Reconnect 2.1

Looking at your company from a buyers' point of view and giving your sales team the tools they need to assist the buyer from initial contact creates an environment for consumers to rely on your company and spread the word. The best way to do these things is Lead Nurturing and reconnecting with buyers. 


By concentrating on marketing, communication efforts, listening to the consumer,  providing answers to build trust, increase brand awareness, and maintain connections, buyers will gravitate up to 57% to a vendor they deem a little better than others. ​

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Having a successful lead nurturing and reconnection program is the least expensive and quickest way to build growth for your business.


Such companies can generate up to 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost than new leads that are not ready to begin a sales cycle or transaction.

Lead nurturing is building and reinforcing relationships at every level of sales and service.

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When reconnecting with existing clients, make sure to clarify the changes and services that your business now offers.  If you are looking to reach out for the sake of remembrance, social media is a great option.
Connecting via social media is a decidedly low-maintenance way to reach out to a former contact. It is perfect when you want to say, “Hello.”  But, the very best reason to reach into your contacts and client lists; is to offer them something new.

Adding a Strategic Business Partner will expand your capabilities and open the doors to reconnect with clients.  


By nurturing and reconnecting, you can change up to 35.8% of existing client's minds and move forward with a new level of trust that leads to profits.

Top Buyer-Seller Gaps

Rec 2.2 top buy/seller gap
Bar Chart
Bar Chart

Reconnecting Is Essential

71% of lead to conversion rate is increased when reconnecting

Reconnect stat 3.1

If you think about business growth, there’s a stable way and there’s an unsustainable way of growing. Put simply, companies who fight to win more and more clients often stumble or plateau while companies who win new business AND retain old business, are more likely to succeed over time. We want to highlight the importance of retaining business. 


Reconnecting with your clients or old contacts is your biggest opportunity to build your business and here is why:

Let Them Know You're Still Around



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Ask Us.    Get Informed.    Not Sold.

Reconnect stat 3.2
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