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Ask  Us XYZ prides itself in promoting our Strategic Business Partners (SBP). We are firm believers in the fact that every partnership adds value to our business and can add value to yours as well.  There are so many reasons we promote the idea of SBPs that we have recently completed our version of a 21st Century white paper that we call the Mini-Pocket. 
In the Mini-Pocket we showcase the talent of our SBPs to help us conduct more services for our Mini Business Check-Up, which is free to each reader through our partnerships.

Screen Shot 2022-02-05 at 2.10.41 PM.png

The Why

Simply put, a Strategic Business Partnership with ASK US XYZ can help your business improve performance in areas where you do not have skills or resources. 

Working with ASK US XYZ as an SBP enables your staff to focus on the key growth tasks, also known as core business tasks. We can assist with tasks that can be under performed or not utilized or such as logistics, marketing, technical support and product development. Our partnership can help grow your business faster.

Working together as an SBP also gives you the opportunity to improve the skills of your team. They will have the opportunity to learn from professionals working as internal advisories as well as advisories to your clients. In some cases, Ask Us XYZ takes on some of your clients’ needs for the period of the contract, increasing the opportunity for skills development.

The How

Ask Us XYZ will be established as a virtual extension of your team, clients, or additional partners in business. We focus on the high-level critical business issues while allowing you to continue to move forward on detailed improvements. This will allow you to form better working relationships with new and existing clients. 

The close working relationship you develop with clients can help to identify opportunities or spotlight concerns. Ask Us XYZ can assist in training and implementation of augmented solutions recommended to your clients. We help to give you added value on your existing services which will help to increase your overall revenue. 

Connect with us to learn how to become a Strategic Business Partner

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