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In the Mini Pocket we will spotlight -4- key aspects that are a necessity for sustaining business growth.


We will also cover the benefits of Business Partnerships and how they form the groundwork for business scale-up. 


We share our own perspective on marketing, sales and service with support from experts in the field.


You will be introduced to a Business Check-Up, a program developed by Ask Us XYZ that encompasses core building blocks and more. 


The Mini-Pocket puts an emphasis on the entire Customer Experience (CX) and the importance of the processes of business.

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Business Check-Up

A comprehensive 40 point analysis of

the Product, Process, and  Digital Presence 

Boost Client Retention

Find New Ways To Reconnect With

Previous & Existing Clients

Build Other Marketing Strategies &

Lead Generations

Delivers An Edge Over The Competition

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Ask Us.    Get Informed.    Not Sold.

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  • Earned Trust

  • Client Services

  • Serial Switchers

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  • Existing Customers​

  • Reinforcing Relationships

  • Reconnecting Is Essential

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  • Make Marketing Count

  • How To Do Marketing Now

  • Lead Generation & Nurturing  

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  • Cost of Trust

  • CX Key Differentiators 

  • CX Improvement Equals Profit

  • The Digital Dilemma

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No one person can be an expert in everything. That is why it’s more important than ever to have qualified personnel to help uncover and address specific problems.

Having an annual Business Check-Up 
keeps your company nimble & provides
the very best outcome by utilizing an SBP.

Innovation is the key to engaging the market. Staying on top of the latest tech and trends can assist in adding new markets and remaining on top of the competition.


Everyone needs different things to be successful. Athletes need coaches, musicians need producers, enterprises need boards, and your business can be more successful with Strategic Business Partners.

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Leveraging a
Strategic Business Partner is the same as scaling a business .

You either want to scale your business or you don't.
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Ask Us works hard to help Scale your business the right way. We can show you how to grow without major growing pains.


Small businesses that want to compete with larger businesses, must learn to scale.


The number one problem of Scaling is knowing if your teams have  the knowledge and resources to compete with large companies.

The cost of retaining customers/clients is more economical than trying to procure new ones. Sales and Marketing costs in businesses have more than doubled for small businesses.

SBPs bring together varying interests, share resources, achieve mutual benefits and have a common strategy to accomplish goals.

Of the 4 key benefits of an SBP, customer/client retention is the one that delivers the most to your bottom line.
With several components in our Business Check-Up, great customer retention is achievable.

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Strategic Business Partnerships


Increased From

65% to 83%

Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people.

– Steve Jobs


Boost Client Retention

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Increasing customer retention rates
by 5%
Can increase profits by an average of

# 1

Find New Ways To Reconnect with Previous Leads & Existing Clients

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90% of buyers are ready to be engaged or re-engaged when facing a new risk or complex situation such as Covid-19


Build Other Marketing Strategies & Lead Generations

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61% of companies admit to struggling with lead generation and new marketing strategies


Delivers An Edge
Over Competition

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90% of businesses report that their industry has become more competitive in the last three years

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